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Episode 67- Thieves Guild Stole Our Episode Title

February 26, 2020

So Namee, with the best of intentions, accidentally led our adventurers into a confrontation with some Thieves Guild guards. But really, it's not his fault. He wanted to honor a fallen friend by doing a little cleaning. How could he have known an unused temple was actually a hidden entrance for a band of scoundrels? If anything, this is on the thieves.

Thanks to Jade's warning, at least the party knows the mess they've stumbled into. And yes, they may have done some snake attacks, and shot a guy in the face with magic. But that's besides the point! As we said before, the Thieves Guild is really at fault due to a lack of adequate signage. Anyway, some hasty plans are made and sloppily executed. Then the team comes at the issue again with some deception of their own. It's time to infiltrate the Thieves Guild! On purpose this time!


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