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Episode 69- King-a-Ruse

March 25, 2020

Our notes for this episode description say "Emperor Tor and his entourage arrive at the palace to begin their next heist." But wait, isn't Tor, well, you know? And this guy is way too tall to be Tor. This person also has red skin and horns. Is that Rath? Oh there's a flying miniature T-Rex with him. That's definitely Rath. 

Okay, so "Emperor Tor" and the team's plan here is to use disguises to gain an audience with the King. Considering the very, uhm, interesting attire Blag has chosen, it's a wonder they aren't immediately riddled with arrows by the palace guards. Will they be granted an audience with the King? Are they really going to let the Elk in? And what surprising talent has Rath been hiding from us all? It's time to steal a crown!



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