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Episode 71- Kort Gives a Finger

April 22, 2020

With Kort's disguise blown, it's time to take the fight to Braddock. Namee, who is in elk form, with Blag riding on his back, is charging in head first to introduce himself to the baddie. Can you say he's at ramming speed if he's an elk? When it comes to being a druid, you could say that Namee is at the head of his class. He's really using his head for this one. Someone should give Braddock a heads up about what's heading his way.

But here we are making all these bad head puns while Kort is about to give his old rival the finger. Will Braddock be knocked head over heels by our adventurers? Will Namee also be knocked head over heels by a new discovery? There's only so many of these puns to work with folks! Oh also, where's Derand's body? But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We wouldn't want to give anyone a head ache. Alright, we're going to just get this episode started and head on out!


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