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Episode 72- Finebottom

May 6, 2020

The final arc of season 1 begins! The party is reunited with their always shiny friend Fergus and his mindflayer boss, who we now know is named Lillilith. That's just hard to say. It makes sense that Fergus calls him Lilly! The Lilster and Fergus have whisked away our adventurers to a massive cave for The Trial of the Body, which sounds like it is going to involve way too much cardio. And it is cold in this cave! Exercising in the cold is one of their least favorite things!

Will Rath be forced to reveal one of his most prominent secrets? How will Kort use their subterranean surroundings to their advantage? And will the party just rush in and ask questions later? Well, of course. Have you listened to any episodes with Namee? 


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