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Episode 73- Elly Never Forgets

May 20, 2020

It's the Trial of the Body, which it turns out is a very serious fight! Judging by all the skeletons littering this cave, the Trial has not gone well for a lot of previous adventurers!

So just what is it that the mindflayer Lililith expects them to battle? Well we don't want to say too much to avoid spoiling things. Unless of course you listened to the previous episode. Then you know. But if you haven't and you're still reading this you at least deserve a strong hint! Let's just say the game isn't called Dungeons & Kitties. Nor is it called Dungeons & Puffins, despite Namee's multiple letters to the publisher. Rath proposed Dungeons & Safaris to get some free advertising for his business. Kort pitched Dungeons & Elephants, which so far is a more accurate description of the world they are in. And Blag just wants to see his mom. 

No matter what monster they face our adventurers better take this fight seriously! Otherwise the name is going to have to be Caves & The Dead Intelligence Check Party!


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