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Episode 78- Blast From the Past

July 29, 2020
Our first season is drawing to a close. With that comes many farewells. Our villain has been pulling numerous strings over the years and now many of the people affected are coming together, perhaps for the last time. Join us as we briefly recall where they are at this moment in time, before this chapter in their lives draws to its conclusion. 
If you're not caught up this is your spoiler warning!
Blagriland Mawriss- Searching for his mother. Found a sister he didn't even know he had. Altered by magic to be a warrior for his land, he met a wise monk named Babushka who passed along her teachings to him in the little time they had together before she fell in battle. Now he fights to restore his family and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Rathborn Finebottom- Yes he knows his last name makes it hard for people to take him seriously. Which is exactly why he doesn't tell people what it is. He was on a misguided quest for revenge, and has learned the identity of the true architect of his pain. So now he's on a better quest for revenge! A warlock whose patron is the Lord of Lies, Rath's been lying to others and himself since he was a child. Now he's ready to embrace his past and save the friends and family who have accepted him for who he is.

Kort Hawkins- Former member of a gang of thieves that was betrayed by a Lieutenant named Braddock. A bard by training, Kort is often able to get out of tough situations on charm alone. As long as he doesn't have to negotiate costs with someone shrewd. And there was that one time with Kaylee when he tried to convince her to check for mimics. But other than that, very charming! And he loves elephants.
Namee- A smuggler and avid tinkerer. Friend of the IronOak family. Was once roommates with Rath. Quirky and intensely lovable, he is with the party to honor Tor and complete his quest to restore balance to the world. Which is weird because he's super chaotic. But it's hard to worry about that when he's just so cute!   
Tor IronOak- Original member of this adventuring party. Was to be the next Emperor of the Lichstone Empire after winning the contest that brought the party together. Known to throw a hammer. An avid gambler, he took a chance and sacrificed himself to save his daughter. He will always be missed, even if the adventurers don't really get a chance to tell him that during this battle. 
The Wizard King- A very non-progressive title for a nation's ruler considering the current Wizard King is Blag's mom. She is a powerful practitioner of the arcane arts.  For many years she has been under an intense mind-control spell to create enhanced armies of hideously mutated beings. This is a skill she developed creating warriors from her nation's young, including her own son! Come on lady. The latest version of her process creates hideous mutated beasts that our party calls fauxgres. Which is clever because they look like ogres but aren't. Get it? Moving on.
Derand- Paladin and former leader of the Onyx Shields. A strong and noble leader, he took in Rathborn as a child after the Onyx Shields were called on to destroy the rampaging Finebottom clan. Yes, again, it sounds less dreadful when you mention the family name. No one knew that their raiding and murdering were due to the evil influence of a particular mindflayer. Derand later died saving Rath and the Lichstone Empire from demonic invasion. He has since been returned to undeath and forced to fight for evil purposes by that same mindflayer. Also, he's very much a skeleton at the moment.
Braddock- The guy who betrayed Kort. Runs the thieves guild now. Or did until he got seriously stomped by our adventurers when they infiltrated his compound. That was after they stumbled on it because Namee wanted to clean things. Braddock currently appears to be on a number of steroids and not quite himself. In fact, he looks a bit like one of those fauxgres!  
Baron Von Uberdorf- Not mind-controlled. Just a really bad dude. He's a Vampire that wants to dominate everything. He moves his household to wherever he is working on turning others to spread his vampirism, taking strange but really just misunderstood people with him like the monster-making Leachenstein. The Baron kidnapped Tor's daughter to turn her, leading to a series of events that took Tor away from us. He barely escaped his last encounter with the adventurers. He's back, and this time his Swedish accent isn't as funny. But still at least smirk worthy.
Now let's get to it!

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