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Episode 79- Season 1 Finale

August 12, 2020

This is it. The time has come for the final battle between our team of heroes and the evil mind flayer Lililith. And yes, we finally called them heroes. Our adventurers now know the full extent of his manipulations in their pasts, creating tragedy after tragedy to further his own goals to dominate the world. They've defeated his champions, individuals who played significant roles during their lives. And now they've even acquired god-like abilities that will be needed in the climactic fight against Lililith, who has transcended to an immensely powerful form as well. 

Will the heroes' powers be enough to foil Lililith's grand designs? Will the party recognize the gravity of the situation and keep things serious? Or will they crack a bunch of jokes while Blag does his usual horrific attacks against the enemy? And what does Lililith have against libraries? One way or another, this is the end of the line. Who will stand when all is said and done? Let's find out together, in the Season 1 Finale! 


And join us on August 26th for the beginning of Season 2!


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