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Episode 80- Season 2- New Friends

August 26, 2020

A new adventure begins! Having just successfully saved the world from the machinations of an evil mind flayer (we're surprised they pulled it off too), the party has entered a new era. Some might call it a new season in their lives. Maybe a second season? We're still workshopping that. Kort has gone off to help rebuild his former thieves guild. And Rathborn has taken up a position as Ambassador for the Red Halls, the new home of the Onyx Shields organization. Wasn't he trying to kill them when we started? Talk about character development!

Namee and Blagriland had just said farewell to their former companions when conveniently a portal opened before them, out of which came a gnome wizard who had come to summon Namee home. It seems Namee's home is in danger, and that he is needed, because apparently he's royalty. News to us too! That little guy is full of surprises!

So it's off on a new quest! What dangers await the two friends on the other side of the portal? What new friends will they meet on their travels to Namee's home? How completely off the rails will one of those meetings go? And how big of an ego will the party have from having just saved the world? Actually, nothing there. It's kind of surprising actually. Not even much in the way of celebratory high fives. But then again, they do get distracted easily. Or they just forgot. Maybe if they do it again it'll sink in. Let's see what happens on the road to FizzyWhizzalPop! That's the name of Namee's home. Anyway, let's go already!



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