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Episode 83- Uphill Battle

September 23, 2020

Having spent some time in Namee's gnomish hometown, it's clear that it isn't faring well. A mysterious illness has befallen it's citizens and plants, worsening a food shortage that is compounded by the neighboring giants. They've been using their big grabby hands to take all they can get from the gnomes. It is clear something needs to be done. And since the new party dynamic seems to be genuine interest in helping people, they quickly take on the task.

With Nock unsuccessful in encouraging the plants to fight off the disease, our party decides to tackle what should be the easier of the two problems, the giants that are stealing much of the gnomes' remaining food. But the climb up the mountain is fraught with its own challenges. The least of which is a distinct lack of maturity brought on by a slip of the DM's tongue! 

It's a party member avalanche as our team attempts to ascend to the peak! Will they even make it to the top? Will they at least have some fun on the way? It's time for some high stakes adventure!



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