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Episode 85- Round One, Begin!

October 21, 2020

It's a Giant Combat Tournament! No not a giant tournament like a real big tournament, even though it is that. A giant tournament like the combatants are giants. Literal giants, not just big people. Except for our party of adventurers of course. They're not giants. But they do have giant personalities. Yeah, this is getting confusing. What's important here is Nock and Violexx were watching the tournament and made an off-hand comment about competing. The giant king, king of the giants not just a big king, heard this and volunteered them. So it's time for giant fights, and this one is giant in all the meanings of the word!

Will Blag be able to grasp the concept of non-lethal combat? Will Violexx beat up her opponent or herself? And how will Namee handle being forced into the ring? We hope Nock got some popcorn because it's going to be a spectacle! And because he has to wait his turn. Fighters, get ready!


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