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Episode 90- Sing Song Sword

December 30, 2020

Our team came upon a town that was a wreck. Pushing through the place Nock had some very bad skill checks. Surviving his traps they met a halfing scout named Shep and his wolf that looked hardy. Having similar goals to stop the magical desert they decided to join the party. So off they all went to find the dwarven ruins. Because the djinn's lamp there is the solution they are pursuing.

But it turns out finding this place is a difficult goal, until Violexx stumbles into a great big hole. There's streets and homes, full of dust and bone. It does seem she's stumbled into the right zone. But these skeletons've got hands that are grabby. While Nock and Shep stand up high being gabby. Turns out we're going to need a knowledge infusion to deal with major anatomy confusion. 

Will the team fight? Will they go up, down, left or right? Will they find a treasure that's sublime? Will Mke commit a heinous word crime? What situation will Nock find that is trying? Because it turns out Kyle is much better at rhyming!



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