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Episode 91- Nocked Around

January 13, 2021

Having stumbled into the dwarven ruins in the desert, our team has begun their search for the magical lamp controlling the djinn that is laying waste to the land. During the exploration, they come across an enchanted sword that has quite a way with words. Bonding with Nock, the sword is about to show our party just what it can do as they come across some shambling skeletons. Here's a hint, it's awesome!

Finally, the full team has a chance to see how well they meld into a cohesive fighting unit. Here's another hint: it could use some improvement! It turns out their newest member needs just a bit more practice with area attacks. We're sure he'll pick up on it quickly and everything will be fine down the road! What aerial maneuvers can Namee pull out when he actually has to fight? How does Blag shred skeletons? And just how badass are grave clerics? Very badass.



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