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Episode 92- Cave Check

January 27, 2021
Having defeated a menacing duo of skeletal guards, our adventurers find themselves before a giant set of ominous doors. Doors that clearly block the way that they want to go to achieve their goal. But going in that direction would be much too direct for this team! Especially when there's so much yet to explore! And after finding Nock's amazing new sword in one of the very first areas they entered, you'd better believe the party's going to explore all of it. Because if there's one thing that will always override whatever other objective an adventuring party may have, it's the lust for magic items.
What mysteries lie buried in the ruins? What delightful objects will they discover? Have you ever considered what the day to day life of a dwarven customs agent would be like?  Also is anyone else starting to think rangers maybe have to roll too much for their attacks?  Someone get Shep a dice app because undead surprises await!
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