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Episode 93- Picock

February 10, 2021

Our adventurers have made their way out of the dwarven ruins after a very close call with a creature that probably could have killed them with a look. Thankfully the party can turn on the charm when needed! It seems they were rather hasty in believing the djinn and taking this dangerous journey in the first place. But really, they are basing this on the word of another potential enemy that they immediately believed! It's starting to look like they'll just accept as truth whatever they were told by the last person they spoke with. This is how people end up with unwanted timeshares.

With essentially nothing to show for their efforts except that they added a halfling to the party and they got some magic items, they head back to Namee's hometown where they are met by Namee's mother and word of his father's health. Namee dashes off to check on his dad while the rest of the gang brings mom along with them. It's a Wizzlefizzle family reunion! Just as soon as they work their way to the top of the tower where dear old dad is. And it's a magical tower. Those always go so well for this group!

How many bad puns will we get out of this situation? Who gives themselves a nickname? Who's going to give Violexx an earful? And what has Nock's feathers all ruffled? Things are about to get very clucked up!



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