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Episode 94- Toadally Awesome

February 24, 2021

With the magical tower and it's various floors conquered, our party has safely retrieved Namee's father. Okay, that's not totally true, there was some burning. And Nock got turned into a chicken. But it was fine! And now our party is set on finding the source of the mysterious illness that afflicts the gnomes. With a hot tip from a fast talker they are on their way to the location of the traveling magical purveyor Doctor Traintorker with hopes he'll be able to assist them further.

After a bit of a hike they locate Doctor Traintorker's massive wagon and... Chosen protect us! That's a gigantic horse! Forget finding the source of the disease. It's time to befriend this radiant creature! Thankfully Violexx can make apples on demand. Surely this big beauty will respond well to some good old crapples!

Anyway, it turns out the Doctor has also contracted the disease. But he knows where they need to go if they hope to cure everyone. So once again our adventurers are off under the direction of someone they really don't know, without asking nearly enough questions. Weren't we just talking about this in the last episode's description? Seriously, how are these people entrusted with such grave matters? It seems when times are tough you just have to work with the tools you have. But we're not calling the party tools. Okay, maybe we are.


This week's episode features a promo that has a fun banjo from the podcast Shrimp & Crits! 


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