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Episode 95- Nocked Up

March 10, 2021

Our adventurers are on a quest for the mysterious disease ravaging Namee's home. Upon arriving at a cave said to hold an antidote, they have discovered it is heavily inhabited by the frog people who have attacked the party in the past. They were told to expect this of course, but there's a lot of them! With Namee off  to cause chaos, the rest are left to fend for their lives as they engage in combat with the frog folk. The result of this is a slew of stabbings.

There are gobs of gorings. A profusion of piercings! A great deal of gashes. Stacks of slashings! A cornucopia of cuts. Piles of punctures!A real wealth of wounds. And a plethora of perforations. Really just a general shitshow of being stabbed. And Blag is only responsible for about 3 of them! Hopefully the party can persevere because this mission is off to a prickly start.



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