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Episode 96- Shifters Shifting Shiftily

March 24, 2021

Our adventurers are having a bit of a rough start against the frog people. On a mission to find a cure to the mysterious illness the frog people are said to have, only one of the party has even made it past the cave entrance where the frog folk live! And that really just made things worse. The others have been fighting for their lives, and it's not going their way. Having come up with a do it yourself remedy for the unexpected acid within his body, Nock is ready to put that remedy to use to aid Shep. He may be a little too excited to use it on Shep if we're being honest. But really, after being shot by Shep's arrows more than once we can't blame Nock.

Will the party make it past the horde of frog people and get to the cave? If they do, can they even go through the magical barrier blocking the entrance? They've certainly got enough theories on how to do that! What physical characteristic of fantasy world leaders has thoroughly permeated into the minds of everyone around the table? And why does Lauren mention having her hands inside a dog's abdomen? Well she's a Surgical Veterinary Nurse. That's just a real life fact. 



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