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Episode 98- The Gang Performs Surgery

April 21, 2021

His day begins like any other, starting the morning off with a simple healthy breakfast and some time to relax in his modest, yet comfortable quarters. His rooms are slightly larger than most, a benefit of his station as one of the elite guards. Then, before leaving, he memorizes his spells for the day, a standard selection of detect magic, combat magic and psychic abilities, useful for the advance detection and assessment of threats. 

As he passes through the halls, he receives nods of respect, but few friendly waves. He doesn't mind that he's not well liked. He has little time to maintain relationships and he takes pride in excelling at his work and the esteem it brings him. Arriving at his post, he is joined by his two colleagues, one a specialist in illusions, the other in transportation magics. They make a formidable team, which is why they are trusted with such an important posting.

It's not long after that he hears something unexpected; the alarm horn has been blown. Has the Rakshasa finally sent their forces against them? He and his companions show no hesitation, falling into their training and taking up their defensive positions. He is prepared for the worst, he will be unflinching in his duty and will gladly die to protect his lord. Little does he know that it is not an invading army coming towards his position, but rather a team of inept adventurers. And Ribbert the Guard is about to have a very bad day.



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